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When it comes to digital communications, we have extensive experience in digital design, display and illustration, creative and technical retouching, packaging design and production, front end web apps, web strategy and site architecture. We started badwood 5 years ago after more than 10 years in the commercial graphics industry working with various pre-press houses and illustration studios. Our goal is to ensure we continue to leverage our high quality production services in the context of the changing dynamics of the digital media industry. We aim to achieve this goal by focusing on our clients’ needs and striving to exceed their expectations.


Since its inception, badwood has endeavored to find new ways of doing things by blurring the borders between the creative and technical processes. We maintain a constant focus on new technology and the way we work in order to improve our capabilities and increase the efficiency of our workflow. Our purpose is to help creatives stay focused on their overall design while we take care of the technical issues ensuring that the images and artwork not only look great, but that they are properly optimized for the desired output channel. Along with technical production aspects such as resolution, color space and brand integrity we are always aware of the importance of the conceptual style and visual continuity of our clients’ projects.


We are committed to ensuring that we offer a broad range of services across multiple platforms and technologies. Our experience with POP, direct mail, websites and large scale multiple sku packaging launches gives us insight into how digital media is best implemented and some of the pitfalls to avoid. As a result of our experience with both creative and technical aspects of the industry, we offer a wide range of skills and imagination that allows us to offer creative solutions when problems or issues arise. To prevent unexpected issues on press we offer Gracol/SWOP certified Epson Stylus Inkjet Proofs and we follow best practices coding standards to avoid browser conflicts and security issues with our web products. With these ideas in mind we hope to build and maintain long term relationships with our existing clients as well as establish new ones, and we hope that you will try this new paradigm of production services and use badwood as part of your next project or campaign.