Pantone updates it’s colors but did you know?

Many designers and artists use Pantone products to help deliver and coordinate color between vendors and on projects but recently after updating our PMS books to the new Color Bridge Plus books we ran across a not to well know fact that we would like to share. Read this article from shutter and you will be surprised what you find. On a recent job we just happen to pick 466c for the main color of a product. We use pantone more and more for web work and so purchased the new web print process color bridge version about a year ago but it seems yesterdays PMS 466 is not today’s PMS 466. We were somewhat surprised about the lack of coverage this had on the web as well as good information from Pantone. This could be a source of great confusion for many designer’s printer’s, programmer’s and artisit’s. It was quite a surprise to us and our clients.

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